The Vexillological Association of the State of Texas publishes its bulletin, The National Standard, twice each year. It provides news of the Association’s activities and the discipline of vexillology, as well as short, timely articles of professional and scholarly interest to vexillologists. To access an issue of the bulletin, click on the issue number below.

No. 12, Spring-Summer 2017

  • 85th Texas Legislature Amends Flag Code
  • Report: 2017 Business Meeting, Houston
  • Report: Treasurer’s Year-End Statements
  • Report: Other Flag Legislation in the 85th Legislature

No. 11, Fall-Winter 2016

  • Attorney General Says Counties May Use Taxpayer Dollars to Display Flags During Holidays
  • Report: 2016 Business Meeting, Irving
  • Report: Treasurer’s Year-End Statements
  • Report: NAVA 50: Campbell, California

No. 10, Spring-Summer 2016

  • Original Prototype of Houston City Flag Restored and Unveiled to Honor Flag’s Centennial
  • Photo Essay

No. 9, Fall-Winter 2015

  • Supreme Court to Texas: Message Determines the Right and You Have the Right to Say “No”
  • Report: 2015 Business Meeting, Corpus Christi
  • Report: Treasurer’s Year-End Statements
  • Report: NAVA 49: Ottawa, Ontario

No. 8, Spring-Summer 2015

  • Supreme Court Preview: Walker v. Texas Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans

No. 7, Fall-Winter 2014

  • Claiming the Mantle of Most Texan? The Texas Tech “Lone Star Pride” Uniform
  • Report: 2014 Business Meeting, San Antonio
  • Report: Treasurer’s Year-End Statements
  • Update: Confederate License Plate Litigation
  • Report: NAVA 48: New Orleans, Louisiana

No. 6, Spring-Summer 2014

  • Report on the Design of the Lone Star Flag by the Texas Vexillological Commission
  • Note on the Texas Vexillology Commission
  • Scholarly Correspondence

No. 5, Fall-Winter 2013

  • GTT: Flag Research Center Collection Moves to UT’s Briscoe Center for American History
  • Report: 2013 Business Meeting, Fort Worth
  • Report: Netherlands Flag Congress
  • 2013 Fellowships Honor Work to Secure Flag Research Center Collection
  • Report: NAVA 47: Salt Lake City, Utah

No. 4, Spring-Summer 2013

  • Orange City Officials Oppose Construction of “Confederate Memorial of the Wind”
  • Flag Legislation Enacted by the 83d Legislature
  • Texas Vexillology Commission Named by Governor Leticia Van de Putte

No. 3, Fall-Winter 2012

  • School District Bans Confederate Flag
  • You Know It’s Football Season…
  • William Wharton Award Honors Texas Vexillology
  • Report: NAVA 46: Columbus, Ohio

No. 2, Spring-Summer 2012

  • Confederate License Plate Rejected
  • Board Adopts VAST Officer Flags
  • Report: 2012 Business Meeting, Houston
  • Report: Treasurer’s Year-End Statements
  • Report: Washington Flag Congress

Issue No. 1 was the inaugural issue and contained organizational material that has been superseded.