The William Wharton Award

VAST recognizes distinguished contributions to vexillology in Texas with the William Wharton Award. Named for the Texas senator who authored the legislation in the Congress of the Republic of Texas that established the Lone Star Flag as the flag of Texas, it is given when there is a worthy recipient.

Recipients of the William Wharton Award are:

  • Robert T. Maberry, Ph.D., for his book Texas Flags, the seminal work on the flags of the Lone Star State. (2008)
  • Whitney Smith, Ph.D., for his presentation “Women, Flags, and Communication,” a study of quilts by Texas women incorporating the Texas flag. (2009)

The award itself is a Texas Julep Cup in pewter by Salisbury Fine Metal Artisans. The cup design is based on the work of the early Texas silversmith Samuel Bell of San Antonio, who was well-known for the quality and variety of his work in silver. It is accompanied by a certificate.

Fellows of the Association

The Board may elect as a Fellow of the Association any member who has demonstrated a special aptitude for vexillological scholarship through distinguished published works or other exemplary scholarly activity, or rendered exceptional service to the Association in the advancement of vexillology. The position of Fellow is an honorary position of the Association and does not confer any substantive right or privilege within the Association, but Fellows may use the postnominals “FVAST”. The Board may not elect more than two members as Fellows in any calendar year.

Fellows are presented with a silk lapel rosette custom-made by the Ben Silver Co. and a certificate.

Fellows of the Association are:

    • John S. Adcock
    • Graham M.P. Bartram
    • Petr Exner
    • Scot M. Guenter
    • John M. Hartvigsen
    • Michel R. Lupant
    • Anne M. Platoff
    • Whitney Smith+
    • Lawrence D. Soucier
    • H.P. (Pete) Van de Putte, Jr.
    • Leticia Van de Putte
    • Vanessa R. Van de Putte