H.P. (Pete) Van de Putte

B.A., St. Mary’s University

Born and raised in San Antonio, where he still lives with his wife, Leticia, Pete grew up helping his parents in the family business making flags and decorating festivals, fairs and assisting with other special events. As president and chief executive officer, and now as chairman, of Dixie Flag Manufacturing Co. and Dixie Flag Event Services, Pete built a business that is a trusted industry leader. Dixie Flag’s work can be seen across some of the most esteemed and recognized venues in the U.S. Among many other business and community related positions, Pete has served as chairman of the Texas Festivals & Events Association, the International Festivals & Events Association World Board, and the IFEA Foundation Board, as well serving as a member of the Texas Fairs & Events Board. He is a recipient of the Betsy Ross Award for Outstanding Service by the National Independent Flag Dealers Association and was named a Distinguished Alumnus of St. Mary’s University.

  • E-mail: pres@texflags.org