3 March 2018
San Marcos, Texas
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ICV 28
15-19 July 2019
San Antonio, Texas
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Friends and colleagues! Welcome to what we hope will be merely a modest beginning of VAST’s bulletin. There's a lot of material out there to cover on vexillology in Texas and our surrounding neighbors, so please get to work and share with all of us what you know.

One of VAST’s goals is to supply accurate information on Texas flags. That's not easy to do, given all the tall tales about Texas flags. One way we plan to achieve this is through the bulletin and our website, The website already has basic information about Texas flags and VAST, including the text of VAST’s articles of incorporation and bylaws. We want to turn into the premier source of Texas flag information on the web. Once again, we need your help!

Another goal of VAST is to promoto vexillology as a social science. We want to teach our members to gather basic information on Texas city and county flags and seals, so we can document them. Those of us familiar with city and county flags know how bad the vast majority are from an aesthetic standpoint, but we must remember that to the serious vexillologist, there are no bad flags—only flags to be studied.

VAST has applied for membership in the Fédération internationale des associations veillologiques (the International Federation of Vexillological Associations, or FIAV), and our application will be considered by FIAV’s General Assembly this July in York, England. Several of our members already plan to attend, and further information on the Congress appears on page 2.

Unfortunately, none of VAST’s activities is possible without volunteer effort and donations. We’ve kept our dues intentionally low, so we sure can use additional financial help. This first issue of VAST News was made possible in part by a generous donation from Paxton Williams. Our hats are off to him.

As you can see, there’s much for us to do. But if there’s a beginning for each journey, then let’s start watching those flags!

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