29 Feb 2020
Austin, Texas
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ICV 29
12-16 July 2021
Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Board of Directors
flag of the president of the vexillological association of the state of texas

Hugh L. Brady FF


J.D., Boston Univ.

flag of the vice president of the vexillological association of the state of texas

H.P. (Pete) Van de Putte CFEE FF FVAST

Vice President

flag of the secretary treasurer of the vexillological association of the state of texas

Charles A. Spain FF WSF


The Associaton’s officers were assigned flags of office by the board in March 2012. The new flags were designed by member Petr Exner, who also designed the Association’s seal. With dimensions of 1:1, the colors are PMS 193 (red), 281 (dark blue), and 116 (yellow).

The flags’ “square shape is characteristic for that of an associationís representative,” Exner wrote in submitting the designs to the board. The triangles charged by stars in the corners refer to the wedge with a star as depicted on the Association’s flag, the dominant color of which is also the color of the field.

“The seal’s device—an intertwined mullet—is used as a symbol of those who are authorized to sign—to seal—the Association’s decisions. The device is rendered in yellow (or gold) as on the Association seal for the president and countercharged for the others. The middle field is red for executive officials and white for the administrative official,” Exner concluded.



James T. Liston, J.D. (April 19, 2000 to September 20, 2017)

Hugh L. Brady, J.D., FF (September 20, 2017 to present)

Vice President

R. Christopher Pinette (April 19, 2000 to March 30, 2002)

Paxton K. Williams (March 30, 2002 to June 2, 2007)

Hugh L. Brady, J.D., FF (June 2, 2007 to September 20, 2017)

H.P. (Pete) Van de Putte, CFEE FF FVAST (September 20, 2017 to present)


Charles A. Spain, J.D., FF WSF (April 19, 2000 to present)